Pop Tarts – The Sweet Experience

Pop Tarts, the pre-baked toasted pastry brand from Kellogg’s, is “unfoiling” (as opposed to unveiling – their words, not mine) a series of events over the coming months under its ‘Front Row’ experiences banner, which combines a high octane mix of music, art, sport and fashion.

A dedicated Front Row digital hub has a total of eight events lined up with two having already taken place in May and June. “Front Row is your place to discover new music and sweet acts. From art and fashion, surfing and biking, to filling and frosting,” states the campaign mantra.

The Front Row stop in Minnesota in May, entitled Sweet Tricks & Beats, featured X-Games gold medallist and BMX rider, Terry Adams, and BMX rider Jon “The Duke” Dowker collaborating with rock band The Kicks on a unique live performance within a local shopping mall.

On 18th June Front Row landed at The Wave House in San Diego for its second outing, ‘Sprinke Splash’. The music meets surf event saw a variety of surfers performing stunts on a flow barrel (a man made wave), while rock act 2am Club took to the stage to play live and a sand sculpting team turned the beach into branded PopTarts sand sculptures.

Front Row is in essence a mini travelling branded festival experience, with the live acts gracing the stage split out over eight different venues, each providing its own unique meld of live music and sport. It will be interesting to see how the brand extends the platform over the coming sessions beyond sporting activities into art and fashion.

With some 3 million plus fans on Facebook, the slow release of this promotion is a great way for the brand to connect directly with its social media audience. Bringing a music festival experience directly to their door, as opposed to setting up shop at existing festivals, avoids the brand being lost amongst a host of direct and indirect competition for audience attention.

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