Porsche: Facebook thank-you

Porsche is celebrating netting its millionth Facebook fan, an achievement it is referring to as “the fastest 1,000,000 Facebook fans in automotive history”.

As with many brands that reach a Facebook milestone it is becoming customary – if not compulsory – to say thank you to those who have invested the millisecond it takes to click on that seemingly lucrative ‘like’ button.

In order to thank-you, the luxury auto brand has developed a wraparound for its 9111 GT3 R Hybrid model depicting the names of some of its most ardent social media fans.

Naturally putting a million names onto any vehicle is going to be a hard push, but Porsche has managed to squeeze on  - in very fine print – a good 27,000 names.

A dedicated micro site enables those who are interested to search the vehicle for their name - a clever bit of post event work that echoes the Facebook photo tagging campaign from Orange after last year’s Glastonbury music festival.

For those who want to see their micro sponsorship of the new Porsche model first hand, the actual vehicle is now on display at the Porsche Museum in Germany.

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