Post it, Tweet it, Win it

Turkcell, the leading mobile operator in Turkey, recently initiated a live Twitter campaign designed to generate plenty of social buzz around their new Smartphone. They achieved this by turning a live ‘unboxing’ experience into a meld of gaming and social sharing.

The brand packaged up their new Smartphone in a gift box and then covered the box with post-it messages. Then, using a live video feed and a microsite enabled with Twitter connect, they invited Twitter uses to unpack the box by tweeting what was written on the post-its using a unique hashtag #turkcelltweet.

As the competition gained momentum the brand managed to seed its campaign messages into the micro-blogging platform, turning Twitter users into voluntary social ambassadors.

However, the promotion wasn’t all about directly replicating brand messages, it also included live action content such as games of Pictionary and Hangman with added incentives for playing along. Those who won these various mini games were rewarded with data packages and free mobile minutes.

The big push came as the live promotion drew to a close, with the brand asking those playing along to have the remaining post-its retweeted by a celebrity – thereby boosting the campaign’s reach in the final moments. Those who completed this part of the challenge managed to win themselves the Smartphone that was eventually revealed to be inside the box.

The competition was live for a total of 3 hours each day for an entire week, and managed to net in excess of 50,000 tweets relating to the brand’s unique Hashtag, hitting an audience of 3.6M people.

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