Powerade: Power is football

Here’s an interesting take on the traditional football sponsorship model from Powerade in Latin America, which saw the energy drinks brand enhancing its sponsorship efforts digitally, by honing in on the demand for both match statistics and social activity, through a unique Twitter campaign.

The brand utilised the popular micro-blogging platform to harness the social experiences of fans watching the various matches during the Copa America Argentina 2011 season, converting them into live infographics.

The information was relayed via an especially created microsite, providing a statistical accompaniment while watching the games and a visual feed of the action as it happened.

The digital activity garnered a fairly impressive 455,000 tweets (breaking down to 12,830 tweets per match) and saw 152,626 uses of the brand’s unique Twitter hashtag.

It’s not the first time social media has been used to supplement sponsorship activity. The Nike Shout campaign from last year saw the sportswear brand inviting football fans to send tweets directly to digital billboards beside the pitch, giving them unprecedented vocal access to the players on the field.

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