Pringles: Home Party

Can a website really initiate an actual party? Perhaps in Argentina it can, where this particular slice of music-based marketing stems from - courtesy of ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ chip brand, Pringles.

The Home Party idea is based on the concept that Pringles offers the ability to “Organise a Party Right Now” and the website attempts to convey the party package in a one-stop shop by teaming up with a number of DJs to produce a unique party soundtrack.

Pringles teamed up with 12 international DJs (Carlos Belatti & Joy Marquez; Christian Berger; Felipe Valenzuela, etc) and invited them to compose a set of 12 exclusive tracks, with the whole process curated and produced by internationally renowned DJ, Jimmy Van M.

This exclusive music was then made accessible online, requiring people to sign in with their friends and via social networks in order to utilise the soundtrack for their own party.  The site also features accompanying visuals and VJ tools to aid with the overall atmosphere of the shared dance event experience.

Although the concept can feel a little caged in by its website constraints (it seems to beg for an actual live activation accompaniment) the premise of the ‘party where you’re at’ concept is one that works well for the brand’s regional markets, with the curation and exclusivity angle providing the draw of a big dance event in a compact package, echoing the ‘party in can’ message that underlies the brand itself.

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