Quiznos: Singimals

Quiznos restaurants in the US are promoting their $3, $4 and $5 menu deals with the help of singing kittens. The ‘Singimals’ - as they are referred to - tap into the ever-popular Internet meme of musical pets (you can thank keyboard cat for that one)

It’s not necessarily big or clever, but it is certainly safer than previous efforts by the restaurant chain.

A few years back the chain was sued by Subway over its ‘Quiznos vs. Subway TV Ad Challenge’ video competition that asked for direct submissions outlining why Quiznos Subs where superior to Subway Subs.  It was every agencies user-generated nightmare, in that visitors to the site took the concept and ran with it, creating videos where Subway sandwiches where kicked, mocked, and destroyed in order to get their point across. Quiznos said there were “facilitating consumers who go out and create their own expression”. However, it didn’t wash in court.

So, the net result of that is you get singing kittens.

This campaign will also feature an online contest. However this time it will be focused around music  - as opposed to competitor destruction. "Each of the cats was filmed individually, receiving treats throughout the day as an incentive to play and have fun with their instruments. No animals were hurt during filming of the commercial," states Quiznos.

Visitors to the brand’s website and Facebook page can upload their own versions of the ‘Singimals’ song for the chance to win a series of cash prizes and the chance to have their version aired as an actual TV and Radio advert.

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