Rain activated ads

With the glorious early Summer that we have basked in over the last couple of weeks set to end and the impending Royal nuptials looking increasingly likely to be beseeched by a torrent of rain, this cute little Dutch ad campaign could be put to good use.

We’ve seen plenty of pavement based ad media over the years, but these ads for a Sea Life aquarium in Scheveningen, Holland offer a fresh – literally rain water fresh – take on the somewhat tired street billboard, by only coming into life with the onset of water.

Developed by ‘Green Media’ company Fresh Green Ads, the ad reveals an Octopus image and the slogan ‘Sea Life never lets you go’ when wet.  These eco-friendly ad campaigns last a full eight weeks and offer a unique alternative to the usual defacement issues surrounding these types of promotions.

It’s a relatively simple premise, but one that could have real potential in the often sodden streets of the UK.

There’s certainly a guerrilla marketing stunt to be had along the Royal Wedding route if it does rain on Friday, one that would remain unseen until the big day.  Not that we’re advocating such a thing, of course.

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