Range Rover‘s interactive adventure film

Range Rover is debuting an interesting addition to its Pulse Of The City campaign (the ongoing promotion that saw Ok Go creating a GPS piece of musical art last year) as it continues to build awareness about its Evoque model.

This time around the focus is very much on the cinematic, with the brand rolling out an interactive choose your own adventure style film with the release of ‘Being Henry’ tomorrow.

Billed as “An interactive action-love-fantasy-comedy adventure about choices” the film puts the viewer in control of the story’s central character, Henry (played by Leo Fitzpatrick of The Wire) making decisions on his behalf and influencing the plot along the way.

There are nine separate stories and a total of 32 entirely different endings to the story.

The system for controlling Henry utilises an innovative drag and release concept previously used by Wrangler, offering a far more fluid viewing experience to the traditional concept of stopping the action for text based choices.

It a big production with all the hallmark elements of a major US TV drama, however, the most interesting part of the film is how it covertly turns the plot into a customer profiling tool.

Each of the varied choices a viewer makes is subtly working towards creating a personalised version of the Range Rover Evoque, utilising small elements of each choice – a colour here, an emotional reaction there – to build up a customised user profile at the story’s climax.

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