Range Rover: GPS enabled concert art

Range Rover is teaming up with Ok Go, the US band famous for a string of low budget yet highly creative viral music videos, on a new collaborative music campaign in order to promote the Ranger Rover Evoque.  The band will partner with the automotive brand under the banner of its Evoque Pulse of The City Project.

The ‘Dance Through Your City’ collaboration will see the band utilising the GPS functionality of the Pulse of the City app, to create a giant piece of digital graffiti spelling out the band’s name. The group will cover an 8-mile course as they perform a concert live on the streets of LA, literally branding themselves into the fabric of the city streets.

Once the band has developed their own GPS art, they will then turn over the creative mantel to their fans asking them to “write, draw, dance and scream out loud the things [they] want to tell the world about the place [they] live”. The band will then review the various user-generated submissions with the most creative featuring in an exclusive video launching in January 2011

"We're asking everyone who wants to be part of something artistic, colourful and musical to join us in this collaboration,’ said the band’s Damian Kulash. “We will track every step of our journey through GPS and create a unique piece of collaborative, living art. We are dancing with our home town and asking our fans to do the same."

Ok Go have had massive viral success off their own backs, but are increasingly choosing to align with brands in order to fund their creative vision; a complex Rube Goldberg style music video by the band was only made possible by sponsorship from US insurer State Farm.

With the music industry increasingly reluctant to invest in the creative whims of artists as  they did 20 years ago, brands are stepping in to make up the financial shortfall. Ok Go are a huge viral draw and Range Rover positions the brand as a key investor in creativity via this campaign, as it perfectly fuses music and art with its own technology.

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