Ray Ban: Photocopy Romance

Ray Ban is one of the few brands that has embraced the viral video with gusto, spawning numerous bizarre incarnations under its ‘Never Hide’ tagline, ranging from a guy having Ray Bans tattooed on his face, right back to the popular ‘guy catches glasses on his face’ Internet meme.

The ads are consistently quirky with the brand, or tag line, often embedded subliminal.

The latest effort in this ongoing quest for viral cool under the NeverHideFilms umbrella is ‘Photocopy Romance’ a love story told at “325 pages per minute”.

The concept is fairly simple. The short love story is creating by pressing a couple up against a portable colour photocopier in order to tell a stop motion narrative via the images and objects that are pressed against the glass. Although the protagonists wear Ray Bans during the story their presence is subtle with the references to sun and the bright light of a photocopier reinforcing a subtle summer message without the use of daylight.

It’s low key, and the story itself is not immediately obvious. However, the more interesting aspect is the creation of the video short, which can be viewed on an accompanying Flickr page (where the sunglasses are more prevalent in glossy colour 'making of' photos).

As a standalone piece its not the most memorable viral, and possibly something more daring could have been achieved here bearing in mind the wealth of stop motion creativity online. However, as part of the overall Ray Ban positioning – which is constantly looking for innovative short film ideas - this is yet another piece of a wider meme puzzle from the brand, which to its credit continues to deliver pockets of micro entertainment that serve to give the iconic brand a creative and youthful edge.

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