Real ale with real bite

As the world spins endlessly in a cyclone of Vampire marketing hype off the back of the Twilight movies, it's good to see that here in the UK another far older and iconic vampire franchise is starting to resurface.

‘Hammer House of Beer’ is a new licensing partnership between the iconic British horror film studio and the Buxton Brewery Company. The deal will see the release of three themed drinks on the European market, including ‘Coffin Ale’, ‘Dracula’s Desire’ bitter and ‘Curse Of Frankenstein’ IPA. Each product will be packaged with an iconic film poster from the Hammer House vaults. No word on whether it will be on tap in the same way as this promo for the TV series Vampire Diaries.

This is a very different take on the vampire-marketing phenomenon. There’s no teen angst, no love triangle, no doting tween female fan base.   This is for real ale  and bitter drinkers from Stoke and Macclesfield.  Yet the root stems from the same cultural awareness of the films appeal, with an equal nod to the HBO series ‘True Blood’ and its synthetic blood drink of the same name.

Hammer is one of few genuine British Icons, attaching it to a beer brand offers both a quirky appeal – key in the ridiculously named Ale market - whilst also pushing the product as a heritage brand, with age, quality and a patriotic origin.

A string of other Hammer licensing deals are rising from the grave later this year including fashion, books, T-shirts, playing cards, and Royal Mail commemorative postage stamps.

Edward Cullen would be turning in his grave. If he had one.

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