Real outdoor touch-screens

There’s been a spate of interest in developing live outdoor media across Europe recently, with a number of brands opting to put people back at the heart of their billboard activity.

Yellow Pages in Israel locked up the winners of the country’s most popular reality TV shows in a ‘living billboard’ as they competed in a series of tasks promoting the brands various digital search capabilities.

Meanwhile over at Westfield shopping centre in the UK Johnson and Johnson decided to promote its 24hour Moisture body lotion with a 20ft by 10ft ‘World of Softness’ billboard., featuring  three female models atop fluffy clouds in pink dresses. Not only was this billboard very much alive, but passers by were also encouraged to touch the models and feel the softness of their skin.

By far my favourite living campaign is one from earlier this year by ING Direct in Italy. The brand glued a relaxed looking man to the side of a bus, who casually introduced himself to motorists as they passed by.  What’s more this ad even had a music element built in as he can be seen casually singing ‘Clint Eastwood’ by Gorillaz in the video below.  (We’d love to know how that works from an ad sync and live performance royalty perspective).

Although living billboards themselves are not a new concept - Calvin Klein had 40 or so models partying in a massive billboard in New York back in 2005 – it is one that seems to be gaining momentum once again, as brands look to build tangible connections with consumers and an element of realism into their marketing.

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