Red Bull: Art Street View

The energy drink brand has partnered with Google Street View on an effort to collate and showcase the very best in street art from across the globe.

The collaborative 'Art Street View' digital project originates from Brazil (with around 97 of the current 150 works depicted, emanating from that particular region). However, the intention is for the project to span a much wider remit as the most innovative art on the world’s streets is turned into a virtual digital gallery.

The concept comes hot off the heels of Google’s own Art Project initiative, which opens up 17 of the world’s most prestigious art galleries to the general public, offering up street view style functionality. The Red Bull campaign aims to take elements of this concept and apply it to the often-unsung heroes of public art, by celebrating the great Masters of graffiti.

It’s a simple yet effective idea, and builds upon a strong history of art association by the Red Bull brand. Although well renowned for its ties with the world of extreme sports, the energy drink has also initiated some groundbreaking art projects over the years. The Red Bull House of Art, also based in Brazil, is a prime example, building a hub for young creatives and a thriving social gallery space that extends into the streets.

In this way Red Bull is helping to bring art to audiences that would not necessarily enter into the traditional gallery experience, whilst capturing the raw energy and passion that inspires the creative process.

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