Red Bull: Classroom Beats

The energy drinks brands is currently running ‘Red Bull Tum Tum Pa’, the first Freestyle Drumming Competition for students across numerous territories, including Argentina, Australia, Canada and Brazil.

The competition invites students to team up with their classmates to create the best beat performance without using any traditional instruments.

All the unique rhythms they create must come from items found in the classroom, such as pens, pencils, rulers, scissors and erasers. The only exception to the strict commercial teaching and office supply rule is that participants may also use Red Bull cans.

Each of the teams that win nationally will go forward to compete in the world finals in Rio de janerio.

It’s a smart UGC initiative from the brand, which turns the Battle of the Bands concept over to less musically inept youth who are often excluded due to lack of traditional musicianship.

This campaign gives students the ability to form their own band without the need for expensive equipment or years worth of music lessons behind them. However, the most crucial part of this promotion is now Red Bull has managed to seed its product in at the heart of the campaign, positioning it as a classroom staple alongside the pencil.

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