Red Bull House Of Art

Red Bull is turning an iconic urban landmark in Brazil into a giant creative hub showcasing some of the regions most talented artists.

Edificio Sampaio Moreira was the first skyscraper in Sao Paulo; built in the 1920s and situated at the heart of the city it is a monument to Brazil’s golden age. Red Bull is taking control of the building in the run up to the Holiday season and staging ‘The Red Bull House of Art’ a four-month-long project designed to celebrate the diverse art and culture of Brazil's biggest city.

A total of twelve artists will take up residence in the tower block, living and working within the building as they stage a series of photography, sculpture, video, painting, live performance and audio installations.

The building has been especially adapted to house workshops for all the artists involved and Luisa Darte, an art critic and independent curator, will oversee the project for its two months duration.

A similar concept with 10 global artists – the majority from the US - was held in San Paulo in another unused building in 2009. This year the focus appears to be on localised creativity, and features the works of Brazilian artists such as Henrique César, Adriano Costa, Bhagavan David and photography and performance artist Flavia Junqueira.

The skyscraper will house two main exhibition rooms and other public spaces, but due to the nature of the art in question it will also spill out into the city itself.

Red Bull has often opted for high-octane extreme sports alignments or youth orientated music programs  (Red Bull Music Academy, Red Bull Bedroom Jam). By aligning with artisans the brand manages to capture the intensity of the artistic experience, whilst also highlighting the fact that energy isn’t always about the rush, but also about a considered view of the world that surrounds us. This changes the ‘energy’ focus from merely ‘doing’ to having the stamina to see your ideas through to a creative conclusion.

The first exhibition runs from 25th October until 30th November. If you’re in Sao Paulo we strongly advise you to check it out.

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