Red Bull: Jumping off the map

Last year it was all about augmented reality when it came to brands getting in on a new technology en masse, this year projection mapping is definitely turning out to be the most well serviced marketing medium.

Toyota, Ford, Samsung and BMW have all got in on the act recently, turning buildings into massive digital canvases.  Red Bull, however, opted to stick to what it does best – extreme sports – using projection mapping technology to enhance the overall experience of snowboard display jumping.

The ‘Red Bull: Off The Planet' event, developed in conjunction with Melbourne-based installation artists ENESS,  placed a 21’ inflatable sphere between two ramps onto which it projected 3D images of the Earth, giant roving eyeballs , goldfish and other explosive visuals.

The various snowboarders and skiers – including Russell Henshaw and Simon Dumont – were tracked with infrared cameras so their motion could activate the impressive 3D light show. The high-octane action and visuals serving to highlight the affects of the energy drink on a potential user.

The projection mapping concept utilised here would make an interesting collaboration with the recent Nokia Push tie up with Burton Snowboards, which is developing a new kind of interconnected snowboard ready for the Burton Euro Open in January.

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