Red Bull: Sounderground

Red Bull is hosting a music festival with a difference; the acts on show aren’t internationally recognised megastars. In fact they don’t even qualify in the emerging artists category. These musicians are often the type that people literally bypass in the street.

Red Bull Sounderground’ – held in São Paulo, Brazil – is the 1st International Metro Musicians Festival, a unique event celebrating the humble street busker.  The festival will draw together the very best in street music from New York, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Berlin, Montreal, Moscow, St. Petersburg and London via an online submission process. The street based talent search requires entrants to upload a few minutes of audition footage to be in with a chance of netting a place on the Sounderground stage in November.

We say stage, however the platform for this live music event isn’t a standard stage in a field, this event will take place within Sé Station—the most traversed subway station in Brazil.

Although sidelined by the recording industry, these are artists that have a platform that puts them in front of millions of people. Once again – much like in its well-documented Red Bull Academy project – the energy drink brand is harnessing and empowering the creative edge of music and putting their product at the emotive heart.

Red Bull refers to these street musicians as individuals that “aim to live solely from their art, with freedom and creativity by their side”. Increasingly having creativity at your side is a must for brands seeking to forge an intimate relationship with music.

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