Reebok: Light painting influencers

Paintbrushes are so passé in a digital world when it comes to street art, especially when you are a brand that wants to be seen to be pushing innovative boundaries.

Light painting, a from of digital graffiti, is a phenomenon that a number of major brands have picked up on of late in order to showcase a meld of creativity and technology.  Talk Talk debuted a light painting campaign back in 2009 and Heineken recently tapped into this niche digital art with its interactive club installation

Reebok is now the latest brand to position the medium at the forefront of its creative endeavours, as it teams up with light painter extraordinaire Vicki DaSilva and urban upstarts Dana Maltby (Twin Cities Brightest) and Darren Pearson (Darius Twin) on a promotion for its suitably named, Classic Light Collection.

The concept sees Reebok combining the three artists very different interpretations of the medium  as they bring their unique skills together in a collaborative piece of work.

Light painting itself is not a new concept, with DaSilva herself highlighting how she has been working with the idea since the 1980’s. However, for brands it does offer something of a vibrant alternative to traditional graffiti based campaigns, with the focus now much more on alignments with the digital art influencers themselves and the craft behind their own self expression, than just the medium itself.

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