Re:Generation Music Project

This is a film that tells the story of 5 Superstar DJ's tasked with turning the tables on the history of music, or at least making a contemporary version of a classic style/sound. Each DJ/Producer was given a music genre and tasked with finding the talent to work with, bringing together all the elements and writing a new track.

The film is a well put together tale of each artist on their journey throughout the creative process. From searching for inspiration, to writing and recording the track, through to live performances, where the overall results are pretty impressive.

Skrillex was tasked to infuse classic rock with his heavy dancefloor sound and was honored with the remaining members of The Doors as his partners. Pretty Lights was less than thrilled to be given Country as his genre and teamed up with Dr Ralph Stanley & Leann Rhymes to produce probably the most impressive track, considering the challenge he had on his hands. Mark Ronson was inspired by Jazz and wheeled in Mos Def, Erykah Bahdu, members of The Dap Kings, Zigaboo Modeliste and Trombone Shorty to pull together a pretty obvious Ronson sound (The Bonobo Remix is good). The Chrystal Method wrote a track with what seemed to be a challenging Martha Reeves, backed up by The Funk Brothers. Whilst DJ Premiere stepped firmly out of his comfort zone into classical, with Nas and the Berklee Symphony Orchestra, where he reworked a variety of classical classics to produce an impressive sound.

The slightly low key support of Hyundai positions them as more of a semi-silent patron or philanthropist supporting the project, which is credible and surprising. One would imagine they would use this great piece of work to their benefit, but any sign of this beyond their YouTube channel has passed me by so far. No doubt there's more to come now the film is out.

Watch the trailer here.

See the Hyundai Youtube page with exclusive content here.

Download the soundtrack for free here.

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