Renault: real world Facebook Likes

Renault - following in the footsteps of RFID wristband activity by Coca-Cola in Israel last year - is making a concerted effort to turn Facebook’s ‘Like’ system into something people can utilise in the real world.

The brand recently debuted its latest models at the AutoRAI Amsterdam Motorshow in the Netherlands with an innovative system that enabled visitors to like the car on Facebook, simply by swiping a card.

Specially installed stations provided users with the ability to connect RFID-equipped smartcards with their Facebook profiles, giving them the opportunity to highlight their favourite Renault vehicles to their friends, whilst also generating a unique status boost by highlighting their attendance at the key motoring showcase.

According to the video below it was “simple, innovative and fun”.

Innovative? Definitely. Simple? Mostly. It’s still a two-stage process – having to register the card before swiping. As for Fun, I’m not so sure.

Technology in itself is no doubt ‘fun’ for tech geeks, who live for this kind of stuff. However, for the lay consumer there is a reward element missing here, where is the value, the entertainment and the overall pay off for investing time in liking the vehicle?

In terms of PR the promotion ensures the new vehicles are pushed into the social sphere, however without an additional positioning  the clever technological element that drives the activation is lost on the person who views the ‘Like’ online.

Despite these nagging issues it’s certainly a step forward in combining the digital world with the actual offline world we all inhabit, we’re just eager to see this kind of innovative twinned with something that makes for a compelling, and extendable, user experience.

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