Retail smash and grab

Forget Pop-Up Shops, here’s Smash-Up Shops a new ‘retail therapy’ based around anger management in China.

A shopping mall in the Shenyang district is suiting up customers in motorbike helmets and letting them smash up mobile phones, destroy TV sets, throw plates and pummel beanbags – all with the aim of venting pent up anger. What’s more, it’s strictly for women only.

"Women can come here to feel like they are in their own homes but without any limitations, and they can break anything here," says Wang Jingyu, the shopping mall's business manager (as he ducks to avoid the blow of a swinging baseball bat).

But enough with females venting their frustration on home interiors, there's actually a business model behind all the shattered glass and crockery. If a female shopper spends up to 38 yuan on goods at the mall they get to smash stuff free of charge.

Forget ball pools, is this the new 'adult' in store playzone of the future? Quite possibly. In the world of retail rewards this offering manages to bring the physical back to the impersonal digital loyalty card.  Messy, silly, destructive …but ultimately, just for a few moments, lots of fun.

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