Retailer’s kaleidoscopic fashion extravaganza

US high street retailer Target wanted to generate excitement for its Autumn 2010 fashion range. Not content with buying a few billboards and press ads, the retailer teamed up with Mother NY to create a kaleidoscopic fashion extravaganza.

It used the Standard Hotel in New York as the media platform and synchronised a show involving 150 of the hotel bedrooms. Each was lit with LED lights and contained live dancers executing tightly choreographed moves. The façade of the hotel effectively became a screen, which each room acting as a pixel. This allowed for colourful animations that were timed with the music.

This was complemented by a fashion show on a stage in front of the building. The event was streamed live via uStream to the brand’s 2 million Facebook fans.

The move echoes a similar use of a building by J-Wave radio in Japan, which turned a skyscraper into a giant sound equalizer that corresponded to the radio station’s output.

Target has a long track record of using innovative communications approaches. Last year it created an enormous billboard interpretation of the 12 Days of Christmas and turned recycled billboard ads into limited edition tote bags. In 2008 it also created a snow globe style shakeable iPhone app that suggested gift ideas.

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