Reverse 3D cinema ads

St John’s Ambulance has produced free pocket-sized guidebooks covering five common conditions where the application of first aid could mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

The life saving charity wanted to highlight how every year, 150,000 people die in situations where first aid could have saved them in an effective an memorable way to UK Cinema audiences.

“How do we make people in a cinema audience (and beyond) question the importance of First Aid. To shake them out of that lethargy that “It won’t happen to me,” was the challenge the ad director Adrian Rossi had to confront.

St John’s Ambulance opted for an innovative interplay between the static audience and the onscreen action.

An everyday living room setting of a family with children sitting down to watch a movie was shown, with everything seemingly ok until one of the young girls starts to choke on a piece of popcorn. The father is, through lack of knowledge, unable to help.

We see the family’s distress as the desperate mother turns to the cinema audience asking ‘will anyone help my baby?’, to which one audience member stands up and says she can. She then proceeds to leave her seat and walk behind the screen into the on screen action, saving the life of the child.

It’s an effective and emotional ad, bringing the audience directly into the experience, which can often feel like someone else’s problem. The audience is visibly moved, as indicated by the applause the first aid administrating girl (an actress) received when returning to her seat.

Just what it did for popcorn sales at the cinema is unclear though.

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