RFID Ibiza nightlife tagging

Here’s yet another addition to the ‘Facebook sharing with minimal effort’ category – as seen yesterday with Coca-Cola’s facial recognition updates - this time from a leading European nightlife brand.

Ushuaïa Beach Hotels, a popular destination during the hedonistic Ibiza led party season, has launched a Facebook sharing initiative in order to drive social media buzz surrounding the hotels series of music events.

Hotel guests and event attendees will be given the option of wearing a non-intrusive RFID wristband that will provide them with a digital connection to their Facebook profile while at the resort.

Sensors have been installed throughout the hotel (across the bar and restaurants areas and at the poolside) inviting users to swipe their wristband to upload pictures, update their status and check-in using Facebook Places.

All content captured using the hotel’s swipe machines will be made available via the hotel’s dedicated Facebook page, where guests will be encouraged to tag themselves in group images.

Like so many other campaigns that are using similar technology, the central premise here is about making it easy for customers to regale their not so fortunate friends (still stuck in the office as opposed to up against writhing bodies in a club) with their exploits without it impacting on their busy leisure time.

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