Romanian call girl fakes accident

To draw attention to the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving in Romania (which can reduce reaction time by 50%) parked drivers were invited to strike up a connection with a new female acquaintance in a hard-hitting projection campaign.

A large-scale video of a young blonde girl in the process of driving was projected onto the side of a building across the road from the car park of a major shopping mall in the centre of Bucharest.

Mimicking the style of an adult chat line the campaign aimed to drive awareness among male drivers by inviting passers by to call an on screen phone number in order to chat with the attractive female driver.

Once the call had been made participants could interact and talk live with the onscreen character for a few minutes, until suddenly the girl slams on the brakes as she crashes violently against the windscreen smashing the glass as she is involved in a head on collision.

It’s a powerful ad that clearly demonstrates the dangers of driving distractions in an experience that makes the user actually feel the pain of responsibility for injuring someone they know.  Enabling the caller to connect and strike up a relationship with the driver, if only as a brief encounter, makes the climax of the campaign even more powerful and real.

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