Samsung’s SD card death race

Samsung is out to prove just how robust its line of SD cards really are, but they aren’t opting for hard facts, instead they have decided to showcase the products strength with a death defying viral video.

“We could explain the precise conditions these cards will survive - but we figured it'd be much more fun to show you in the form of an elaborate and terrifying race course,” states Samsung.

The little SD card is strapped to a remote controlled car and sent across a course filled with peril, entitled ‘ The Proof Machine’.  The track of doom subjects the SD card to magnets, being hit with hammers and boxing gloves, an attack by Barberella style dolls (with forks for hands), a gun-toting volley from action man and his friends, and being bitten by a toy shark underwater.

Despite all this the card still manages to function.  Which would be remarkable if it wasn’t for one 'small' issue. The unavoidable issue of its size.  This little fact is what scuppers most people with regards to SD cards. It’s not that they need to be indestructible, but the fact that they are – much like Nintendo DS games - the size of a postage stamp, which means they are very easy to lose.

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