The scariest thing on Chatroulette

Do you remember Chatroulette? Well you might think that the most frightening thing you can see on the site is an array of penises in various stages of tumescence, but you’d be wrong.

Lionsgate is using the now-slightly-tired channel to promote its film The Last Exorcism, which is a shockumentary that falls somewhere between the Blair Witch Project and the Exorcist

Anyway, the campaign’s chief target seems to be men, since it involves a hot girl initially being all cute and flirty to the camera (this should really set off the first warning bell, given that Chatroulette seems to only be used by men that are naked from the waist down).

She draws the viewer in by toying with her bra and generally looking like she might expose a bit of boob. Just when the viewer is completely enraptured her eyes roll back, veins start to burst from her skin and she shrieks at the camera in a threatening way. Then the URL for the movie appears on the screen.

The reactions from the victims are, frankly, hilarious and sure to haunt them as they nervously fumble their way into being sexually active.

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