Schwarzkopf: The Look of Music

One of the most bizarre musical events in this year’s calendar, The Eurovision Song Contest, is set to hit our collective screens in May as the world once again endures some of the most off kilter musical offerings known to man.

Less about music and more about the spectacle of the occasion, the event is now much more than just about song sand one brand is set to capitalise on the visual interest in the performers through its new sponsorship deal.

Schwarzkopf, a leading global beauty brand (part of the Henkel consumer goods company) is the sole Presenting Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf, Germany.  The brand previously sponsored the show in 2009 when it was held in Moscow.

"The Eurovision Song Contest is truly a perfect fit for our Schwarzkopf brand as they are both unique in heritage and professional quality, reaching millions of homes worldwide," says Björn Osterndorff, Corporate Director International Media at Henkel.

The brand has debuted a digital destination, entitled 'The Look of Music,' to coincide with its sponsorship offering up VIP tickets to the event to those who create inspiring musical looks with their hair products. Participants are invited to upload their own creations under a variety of musical styles, from rock to pop to hip hop. The most voted for style will have the chance to win tickets, as will some of the voters themselves.

The site – which is currently available in English and German - also features hands-on exclusive styling-tips from top stylist Armin Morbach, who offers advice on creating various 'Pop', 'Rock' and 'Soul' music video ready hairstyles.

The UGC element is fairly rudimentary, as is the competition mechanic, however, bearing in mind some of the countries involved overcomplicating the platform may not be the most sensible idea here. Despite the fact the show comes in for some derision by the media in the UK and increased apathy by British consumers it still nets around 120 million viewers through its global syndication, a sizeable Super Bowl audience parallel, yet with a heavy swing towards niche European markets.

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