Selling biscuits, Katy Perry style

The new ad for Jacobs Mallows, the Irish biscuit brand, doesn't feature the quirky pop princess (she's too busy promoting Schick razors, Microsoft, VW and Adidas - to name drop a mere handful). However her influence on the new positioning of the familiar teatime favourite brand is inescapable.

The new 'Come Play With Us' commercial has taken Ireland by storm; unsettling some and making others sit up and take notice of the formally sedated brand.

The TV spot, which apes Katy Perry's famous candy coated video for 'Teenage Dream' (and a much earlier Gwen Stefani music video) sees a section of models cavorting amidst a vivid Alice in Wonderland-stylised world populated by dwarves and marshmallow coated biscuits. Dull biscuits for Sunday teatime these are not. At least that's now they want to be seen.

“The creative idea was to create three personalities for the biscuits. It’s aimed at the Katy Perry generation,” stated Loretta Dignam, marketing and technical director at Jacobs.

To achieve this transition the brands Kimberly, Mikado and Coconut Cream have been converted into three burlesque-style female characters, Kim, Mika and Coco.

The campaign will be supported by in-store content, pop-up displays and the now obligatory Facebook destination. What's also interesting here however is the presence of a full three-minute version of the ad, promoted as a music video.

Once again we see a brand aping aspects of the music industry but choosing to sidestep a traditional endorsement deal with an artist in favour of one that emulates the essence of a music artist. Similar in style to the recent campaign by Old Navy, which also used parody and the creation of its own music stars to circumnavigate the increasingly expensive endorsement route.

It's not groundbreaking in any real sense, but it does point to a resurgence of the brand owned jingle, which in turn could see brands staking a bigger claim on music itself.

As with music artists themselves these days its now all about the live event, so naturally the Jacobs created group/dance troupe will be heading out on tour, pitching up in shopping malls in Cork and Galway to re-create the ad live.

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