Skate Pinball wizard

There appears to be something in the marketing air this month with regards to sport mash ups.

First we had Budweiser turning the humble pub game of pool on its head by re-imagining the game as Poolball, fusing it with all the passion and drama of an actual football game.  Now it’s the turn of popular soft drink brand Mountain Dew, which has set about converting the pinball machine experience into a skate park for its latest TV commercial.

“Three new electric flavours. One extreme Idea,” runs the underlying tagline for the commercial, which saw the brand constructing a Pinball Machine Skate Park in Auckland, New Zealand and inviting renowned boarders Haimona Ngata, Brett Band and Mike Bancroft to test it out.

The skate park itself will be open to the public for a total of three weeks (4th-26th June), with those eager to play the part of a human pinball able to sign up for access via the brand’s Facebook page.

The park launched with a live event that saw 30 skateboarders, BMX riders and live musicians descend on the park as part of a mass skate off. Keeping up the community vibe, local band Tough Love were signed up to provide the accompanying commercial's soundtrack.

Both Budweiser and Mountain Dew are taking a leaf from Puma’s recent ‘After Hours Athletes’ campaign and positioning sport as something more than the sum of its established parts. Creating a meld of genres such as these examples demonstrate helps to position Sport as social entertainment, focused around an inclusive community spirit. It’s also great PR.

Next up, Tennis twinned with Tetris and Water Polo with Guess Who. Probably.

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