Sloggi: Found Camera

Many fashion brands are well ahead of the curve with their Facebook integration, however, there are some which are still embarking on a major repositioning in order to attract new audiences.

One such brand is Sloggi, the somewhat practical underwear brand, with a customer base that pushes 30+ opposed to its target audience of 17-25 year-olds.

In a bid to reinvigorate the perception of the brand - and hit that crucial youth demo - Sloggi launched an interested take on the traditional print catalogue in Israel, inviting customers to experience the brand's new products socially by uncovering a photo mystery.

A Facebook page was created be a person claiming to have discovered a lost camera at Israel's main Ben-Gurion airport. Having uploaded the camera’s contents the person then asked for people to come forward if they recognised anyone in the photos (utilising Facebook's 'Like' facility) in a bid to locate the camera's rightful owner.

The photos were all of young models – in the brand’s target demographic -  and conversation surrounding the origin of the photos rapidly spread across Facebook, Blogs, forums and discussion boards in Israel, until a final reveal video showcased the various Sloggi items contained in the photos.

With fashion brands rushing to take advantage of inbuilt retail destinations within Facebook, it makes sense for brands to also reconsider how they have traditionally showcased new products. In an age of immediacy and discovery surrounding social photography, the established medium of the static print catalogue might as well be carved in stone for all its relevance to a young, connected audience.

Sloggi's campaign is relatively simple in terms of its execution, however, it is delivered with its target audience in mind, taking what could have been a dull photo shoot and building a story around it designed to boost social interaction and buzz. It also serves to turn the models into real people as opposed to mere mannequins, enabling viewers to have more empathy with the products

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