Small is the new big

Be careful where you tread, the Lilliputians are advertising.

Ok, it’s not actually the Lilliputians; it’s Sony Ericsson who is behind what is possibly the smallest travelling outdoor billboard campaign you’re ever likely to see.

The brand rolled out the tiny remote controlled ad convoy in France to highlight the Xperia X10 smart phone, which is; yes you guessed it, rather diminutive. It’s a cute little campaign, that grabs attention (even if the billboards themselves are too small to read) .

Small is the new big when it comes to advertising it seems. Sony Playstation put up tiny yard signs in the US as opposed to the normal billboard ads when they launched the game ‘Little Big Planet’ a few years back. Similarly, the University of Aarhaus recently created a micro brochure that could only be read through a microscope in order to push its science credentials. Even T-Mobile is getting in on the craze, shrinking the girl group The Saturdays down to the size of The Borrowers for a new campaign.

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