Smart wages war on Dumb

There's a big difference between stupid and dumb when it comes to marketing.

On one hand we have a massively successful campaign from Italian fashion brand Diesel that is encouraging people to ‘Be Stupid’, with a manifesto that has invited participants to engage in Stupid activities ranging from donning cardboard outfits at real world Facebook events to piggyback races.  On the other hand we have the Smart auto brand, which is rolling out a proactive manifesto ‘against Dumb’.

The Facebook manifesto document offers numerous one-liners as it wages war on over consumption in the US, such as “ Dumb is eating anything bigger than your head” and “Dumb requires multiple remotes”. with the call to action being to “get smart about our stuff”.

“We are not calling it a campaign. We’re calling it a social media initiative,” said Kim McGill, VP of marketing at Smart. “It’s really around this idea of how much stuff we surround ourselves with that bogs us down and keeps us from being free to do what we need to do”.

McGill highlights how American is returning to its “bigger is better” notion when it comes to expenditure and auto brand purchases, thanks in part to a drop in fuel prices.  However, rabid consumption is not the answer says Smart, in fact its just ‘Dumb’, and  the small car company is setting itself up as the considered alternative to other brands in the marketplace.

Smart has a wealth of ‘Dumb’ activity lined up for the coming weeks, including social media drive, events and a series of viral videos.

Smart is also looking at possibly staging an added element to the campaign at the LA Auto Show in the run up to the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday.

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