Sony adds Salt to social-gaming mix

Angelina Jolie is fronting ‘Salt’ a major new female-led action movie franchise for Sony. In order to promote the upcoming movie Sony has created Day X Exists, a new nine week long espionage style ARG (alternate reality game), which is being promoted heavily both online and across teaser billboards in the US.

Promoting any Angelina Jolie movie to men is a relatively simple proposition. However, Sony is hoping that pitching the movie as an interactive story-driven  quest may help the franchise tap into the popularity of social gaming amongst women and thereby seed itself into the lives of the 65M female gamers in the US.

The cleverest element of this ARG campaign is the fact that it contains an exclusive level that can only be activated once a user is sitting in their cinema seat about to watch the movie.  This  effectively pushes the consumer journey from the game  directly to point of sale. With ARGs its easy to get lost in the gaming experience, but this drives it right back to the bums on seats basics that the film ultimately requires.

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