Spotify’s Augmented Reality homepage takeover

Spotify, the European streaming music service that continually teases the US with a forever pending launch date, is currently rolling out its first Augmented Reality campaign. The Synth pop band Monarchy have created a three-day homepage takeover campaign on Spotify whereby users of the service can use their iPhone unlock an exclusive Tim Goldsworthy remix of the band's debut single, ‘Love Get Out Of The Way’.
Visitors to the platform will need to have downloaded the free Monarchy app onto their iPhone prior to taking a photo of the Augmented Reality campaign. However, non iPhone owning Spotify users will be able to receive other exclusive tracks from the duo.
It’s a prominent use of the AR technology and makes good use of Spotify’s visual ad system. However, there are a couple of drawbacks. This isn’t exactly a ‘one click’ campaign and requires considerable effort and engagement from a user. Even more so from a Spotify user who isn’t already a fan of the band – with exclusivity almost acting as a barrier to fans that haven’t invested in all things Steve Jobs related. The second issue is more related to Spotify itself and whether highly visual ads on a primarily background usage audio based medium is an effective way to communicate.
That said, Mercury Records recently ran a live video session for the singer Amy McDonald via the platform - another first - which highlights a music label not afraid to experiment and take a chance on innovative digital technology. For that alone they should be applauded. Plus the AR tech seems a perfect fit with the band's futuristic persona, with the duo having also been the first band to broadcast a live performance into space.

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