Star Wars brand goes massive

The Star Wars prequels are largely regarded as the most woodenly acted films since Pinocchio. So it’s refreshing to see just how far removed this elongated game trailer for the upcoming MMORG ‘Star Wars:The Old Republic’ is from its cinematic predecessors.

The new game from Bioware - the developers behind Mass Effect – takes the creative best of the Lucas free expanded Star Wars universe (minus all the cobblers about Han And Leia’s twins) and places it in an environment 3,500 years before the original movie.

It’s set to be epic stuff and will no doubt give World of Warcraft a run for its subscription money. It’s not due to hit your virtual screens until 2011 – but with fully customisable open character game play it appears the franchise has put the action, and most importantly the story, back into one of the world’s most successful Sci Fi brands.

Whether you can play as Snopp Dogg remains to be seen.

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