Starbucks and Lady Gaga scavenger hunt

The Starbucks Frappuccino brand is sponsoring a two-week digital scavenger hunt in the lead up to the release of Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this Way’ album.

The SRCH platform, which became active on 19th May, invites fans to search for clues across various Starbucks digital properties – including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare - deciphering cryptic messages in order to win a range of Lady Gaga and Starbucks related prizes, including VIP access at the singer’s upcoming 2012 tour.

Individual images on the SRCH site will be activated at set periods during the campaign, with each one kick starting an online clue trail. Each trail will lead a participant to a small SRCH card that has been hidden somewhere across the Internet, which in turn reveals a prize.

The campaign will also use QR code technology in physical retail units to engage its consumer directly with the promotion at point of sale.

On the day of the album release itself the singer will takeover the brand’s digital destination, offering up a free download of new track ‘Edge of Glory’ and excusive video content, while the album will play throughout Starbucks retail stores.

The partnership is one of combined social media power. Lady Gaga recently became the first person to accumulate 10 million Twitter followers, while Starbucks became the first brand to net 10 million Facebook likes back in July of 2010.

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