Stella Artois: The Black Diamond

After dipping its toes into collaborative theatre last year with the introduction of The Night Chauffeur, Stella Artois is once again teaming up with renowned theatrical ensemble Punchdrunk to promote Stella Artois Black.

The Black Diamond, much like its predecessor is a slice of immersive theatre, which takes core elements from iconic cinematic genres and replicates them in a physical setting, turning the audience into active participants.

The storyline itself promises to weave a sophisticated tale of love, desire and deception as it recreates a slice of 1960’s Paris in the heart of London.  The film noir style escapade tells the tale of a Diamond that passes through the hands of a variety of different characters and will see around a thousand people joining in as part of the collaborative cast.

Those eager to be involved are invited to sign up online to become part of the action, which will roll out across various Shoreditch locations between 3rd-21st July. The action will also unfold online for those not able to attend directly.

“The sophisticated world of The Black Diamond will deliver an experience rich with taste and refinement, reflecting the distinguishing attributes of Stella Artois Black,” said James Watson, Marketing Director, Stella Artois Western Europe. ”Whether people attend the events in London or take part in the story online they will discover a unique experience unlike anything they’ve tried before.”

Stella Artois is clearly ramping up the premise kick-started by The Night Chauffeur last year, taking the Secret Cinema concept and converting into something far less passive. The number of participants is far greater and replicating the action online ensures this becomes more than just a fleeting in-the-know event, whilst retaining that all-important element of exclusivity.

Theatre, as outlined in our New Patrons Of Entertainment report from earlier this year, is still something of an untapped medium outside of traditional sponsorship, and there is a vast opportunity for brands to step up and support creative works that operate outside the realms of existing venues.

By partnering with producer Felix Barrett (artistic director and founder of Punchdrunk), Stella Artois is assured of a guaranteed and proven crowd puller in terms of industry interest.  However, smaller, fringe theatrical outfits could easily develop this kind of activity, thereby enabling brands to support emerging – and increasingly underfunded - creativity as well.

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