Stella Artois takes music videos back to the '60s

Stella Artois is continuing to promote the eco-friendly nature of its bottle packaging with a new addition to its 'Le Recyclage de Luxe Show' - a series of faux 1960s French black & white TV  broadcast virals (first unveiled at the close of 2009). This time the beer brand is highlighting its low CO2 credentials with the 'CO2eux Soireé series'. One particular episode sees the show's hosts playing what they refer to as "the first ever music video" by UK act Marina and the Diamonds for her new single 'I'm Not a Robot'. Another UK music act, Florence And the Machine, also previously appeared on the variety show.

The overall campaign makes good use of its 'retro-futuristic' motif - positioning the brand as both progressive,  yet with strong historical roots. The eco-benefits are also presented with light humour as opposed to heavy handed messaging - a perfect pitch for eco- aware consumers who want to do their bit but aren't necessarily prepared to sacrifice their individual style in order to do so.

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