Sticky-backed film project

Film director Anton Corbij, in association with Dutch communications agency KesselsKramer, has created what they believe is "the world's smallest and shortest film".

Utilising a special lenticular-technology they have managed to produce a miniature short film the size of a postage stamp. In fact it is a postage stamp. One that is actually being used by the international postal service TNT.

A simple rotation of the stamp enables the viewer to watch 30 separate frames in succession, as if watching a moving image. Corbijn – who has directed films such as Control and The American - took his inspiration from a classical Dutch stamp designed in 1951 by Cas Oorthuys , which depicted a Dutch girl posing in front of a windmill.

It’s no Citzen Kane, however it does feature the celebrated Dutch actress Carice van Houten - winner of four ‘golden calves’ at the Netherlands film festival (despite having stared in Tom Cruise’s ‘Valkyrie’, which featured another Stamp altogether - Terence Stamp).  She does little more than bite a man’s finger in Corbij’s film, but it’s not the content here that is of interest, but the ability to contain video content in such a small space.

The micro movie was launched during the 30th anniversary of the Dutch Film Festival at the back end of September.

1 second film on Dutch stamp by Anton Corbijn from KesselsKramer on Vimeo.

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