Submerged in music

Last week we soaked up some of the LA sunshine courtesy of indie music duo The Submarines, who made an impromptu lunchtime pit stop at the FRUKT offices prior to performing at Koko in London.

The duo, whose songs can be heard in everything from iPhone ads to hit US dramas such as Greys Anatomy and Gossip Girl, treated us to an exclusive acoustic selection of songs, which included stand out tracks such as ‘You Me and the Bourgeoisie’ and ‘Ivaloo’.

A big thanks goes to Kat at Nettwerk for brightening up our lunch hour with soothing music and plenty of cake.

If you fancy checking out some tunes by the band, we suggest opting for their rather wonderful 2006 debut ‘Declare a New State’ (which features the brillant ‘Peace & Hate’) and their most recent album ‘Love Notes/ Letter Bombs'.

Look out for more from our musical lunch club soon…

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