Subservient Chickens

KFC has started a below the belt advertising campaign for its new Double Down sandwich –  a menu item which removes the bun aspect of a burger and replaces it with two pieces of boneless chicken. This innovation in fast food is referred to by KFC as the ‘Greater Food’.
When we say ‘below the belt’, we mean literally, as the brand takes the human billboard concept to the backsides of female college students in the US.
The campaign concept, referred to by KFC as "Gluteus Ad Maximus: Enlisting female undergrads as human billboards to tempt fellow students” sees various females signing up to wear red track-suit bottoms with a slogan on the rear whilst distributing KFC voucher coupons across US campuses.
Female students that wish to become “ambassadors” for the new bread-less sandwich can apply via Facebook, with a sizable $500 incentive awaiting them for their marketing efforts.
The promo will aid to drive KFC’s almost 2M Facebook fans to a new, currently only 2K strong,  ‘Order of the Double Down’ Facebook page.
The somewhat controversial campaign is (understandably) gaining plenty of press attention, and free PR for KFC in the US on local news channels.

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