Sugababes get dolled up for Nokia

The Sugababes have released their comeback single in a rather bizarre viral video for the new Nokia Pink N8 Smartphone.

The viral features a brief snippet of the girls’ new track ‘Freedom’ and acts as a pop promo with the three singers turned into stop motion animated plastic dolls.

The short film sees the Barbie styled figurines performing a dance routine complete with a pink laser show, wind machines and the plastic figurines sporting Nokia tattoos and Lady Gaga inspired Nokia emblazoned bras.

An accompanying behind the scenes video showcases the pop promo process and outlines how the various stop motion effects were achieved.

In addition to supplying the video’s music sync the Sugababes will also support the release of the new handset by running a competition on their website to win the Nokia Pink N8.

It’s a clever ploy by the group, who manage to secure themselves video funding from the brand and net a hefty promotional budget to boot.  As for the brand they secure music ambassadors that will appeal directly to their target demographic for the overtly pink device, while acting as facilitators of new music and creativity in the process.

Notably it’s not the first time the group has teamed up with the mobile manufacturer. Under a previous line up – and there have been many – the girl group has performed at major New Year’s Eve celebrations for the brand and taken part in its ‘Nokia Green Room’ music TV broadcast.

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