Super Bowl Entertainment Insight Report

Now that the dust has settled on another Super Bowl weekend, what have we learnt from an event that has become the pinnacle of the advertising calendar in the US; other than people like dogs (man’s best friend appeared in ads for Bud Light, Volkswagen, Skechers and Doritos) and not middle fingers (M.I.A. upstaging Madonna with a single digit).

The big lesson here is ultimately one about long-term engagement through entertainment. Yes, a large number of brands will see a vast viral video spike and spark a number of water cooler conversations post event. But what happens in the weeks, months after the Super Bowl, when game day is yesterday’s news?

Brands invest heavily in music, film and celebrities in their ads on the day, but often don’t follow through with the very people they have touched through their innovative use of entertainment. With fans crying out for content and experiences that bring them closer to the things they love; be it sport, music, film or fashion - playing the long game becomes increasingly important

Entertainment is unique in that it has the ability to provide that most elusive and sought after return on investment – a long term emotional connection. Ultimately the Super Bowl ad is the bookmark, not the story. And with this in mind there is a vast opportunity here for brands that are prepared to step up to the plate and invest in a broader entertainment strategy, one that delivers additional touch points throughout the year.

To find out how your brand can benefit from a long-term entertainment strategy (and to see our pick of the Super Bowl ads) download our ‘Super Bowl XLVI - Exclusive FRUKT Entertainment Insight Report’.

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