Super Bowl XVLII: Entertainment wins


Back at the 1973 Super Bowl in New Orleans entertainment value came from Andy Williams crooning away, Woody Herman on jazz clarinet and cheerleaders riding on giant helmet bumper cars. Fast forward 40 years and we see Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce (and Co.) positioning themselves as the ultimate crowd pleasers in the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

Now with the dust settled - and the lights back on - after another epic Super Bowl Sunday, with the Lombardi Trophy safely back in the iron grip of the Baltimore Ravens (who apparently lost it temporarily post win), brands will be hard at work assessing their ad ROI post the big day.

The ad game, much like the Super Bowl itself, has to have winners and losers when it comes to the jostling fight for the attention of those 115 million fans outside the stadium. Some scored touchdowns while others were pure meltdowns. However, amid all the space traveling babies, singing fish, angry goats, and pensioners on the rampage, one thing definitely won outright – and that was entertainment itself.

Download FRUKT’s Superbowl XVLII Entertainment Insight Report, as we unpack the brands leveraging music and entertainment during the ad breaks, the social traction beyond the stadium, and the need for brands to build brave strategies in the entertainment sector in 2013.

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