Talk to the arm

CuteCircuit – a London-based fashion house - is reinventing the little black dress for the always-connected generation, by building mobile capability into the fabric.

The silk jersey M-Dress (Mobile Phone Dress) will utilise a built in Sim card and gesture recognition software to enable a wearer to pick up a call simply by raising an arm.

The “ super tiny” antenna is apparently in the hem – at about knee height. So, if you see a woman raising her skirt at an open window, don’t be alarmed – she’s just looking for a signal.

Cute Circuit was recently responsible for the neon light display that was Katy Perry’s Red Carpet outfit at the MET Ball, a silk chiffon ensemble containing 3000 flashing LEDs.

The M-Dress isn’t set to retail until 2011, and no price is currently available. However, it’s yet another small stepping-stone towards The Entertainment Of Things’ and products becoming the new cultural ambassadors, as outlined in the newly released FRUKT Source 01 trend report.

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