Tik Tok: Casio and Ke$ha get creative

Casio has signed up ‘Tik Tok’ singer Ke$ha as the latest brand ambassador for its youth-oriented Baby G range of watches.  The deal follows a string of recent music endorsements, with the brand popping up in Rihanna and Lady Gaga videos, in addition to a wider deal with UK singer Pixie Lott which including the co-branding of a plane as part of a competition.

However, the partnership with Ke$ha is not just a mere endorsement push. Like Polaroid’s pact with Lady Gaga – which saw her assuming the role of ‘Creative Director’ – Ke$ha is also to get her crayons out for the Casio brand. The signer has signed on to personally create two unique design styles for Baby-G watches. The first of which will hit retail shelves in the Summer of 2011.

The singer took to the stage at Casio’s annual ‘Shock the World’ press event in New York City – with electric blue lipstick to match one of the watches - to launch the new collaboration. “We are very excited to have the colourful and creative Ke$ha as a collaborator for the Casio Baby-G brand,” said Shigenori Itoh, Vice President of Casio’s Timepiece Division.

It will be interesting to see how the singer incorporates her self-confessed 'garbage-chic' look into the Baby G brand and what digital activity and product placement rolls off the back of this deal.

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