Til death us do post

It seems there is no escaping Twitter and Facebook even in death.

A new concept design in funeral accessories has been developed, the RFID enabled tombstone (the e-tombstone). The headstone uses cutting edge technology to draw in the Internet musings of the deceased from their blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Visitors to the graveside can activate these digital memories with a crucifix shaped personal key – to ensure privacy - that they place into the headstone, then they can view all the entries via their mobile handset via Bluetooth transmitters placed in the top of the stone tablet.

The e-tombstone draws its power from a solar panel across the top of the stone memorial, ensuring it will always have enough power to be activated.

It made seem far-fetched to have people still micro-blogging from the other side, but in reality this is a natural progression of our always connected, always on society. Not to mention the fact that this innovation could potentially see gravestones replaced across the globe as loved ones seek to erect more personal tributes to their nearest and dearest.

In addition, with the US funeral market estimated to be in the region of $20.7B, and with over 2M funerals taking place a year, this could prove to be a boom digital business for those that manage to benefit financially from us when we’re no longer around.

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