Toot Sweet

Here's a brand partnership you don't see all too often, a three-way alignment between a high profile music artist, a fragrance company and a children's candy line.

Mariah Carey is releasing her latest Elizabeth Arden fragrance in tandem with Bazooka Candy Brands. Each of the three scents in her new 'Lolipop Bling' series will come with a Ring Pop candy, the sweet which can be worn as a fashion accessory.

So just what inspired this merger of "three powerful entities" as Elizabeth Arden puts it? Well, the back story is that Mariah received her engagement ring hidden inside a Ring Pop lollipop. Which goes some way to making sense of the somewhat strange pairing (we assume the proposal method wasn't a preemptive strike for the brand deal).

For some artists this possibly wouldn't be envisaged as the most credible of brand deals.  However,  Mariah's overtly sugary image is a perfect fit for candy allegiances and the partnership will no doubt sit comfortably with her target audience.  It's worth remembering that this is an audience that has helped the singer's fragrance empire to gross around $150M.

In addition to a bevy of sweet based promo packaging we're also promised an "interactive online experience" to accompany the release of the candy inspired fragrances - we'll bring you more on that as and when it goes live.

Next up - The Rolling Stones promoting Werther's Originals. Probably.

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