Topping of the pops

South Korean girl band F(x) appear in a micro flash mob commercial for Pizza hut in Korea. The ad sees the five girls breaking into a dance routine mid way through their stuffed crust pizza (in what appears to be a rather empty restaurant).

In the West we’d probably laugh this sort of low-key effort off as derivative of a thousand other flash mob moments. However, there is something strangely endearing about this effort. The way the girls actually hold and mimic the eating of the pizza during their dance routine is telling of the ‘hold it and smile’ style of endorsement in Asia – which manages to keep the product at the heart of every execution.

The viral ad has additional benefits for the Korean consumer too, with the girls running a mini workshop to show viewers how to recreate the dance at home.

There appears to be something of a stand off between Pizza companies in Korea with Dominos Pizza also utilising the nine–member strong  girl band 'SoShi' in the brand’s “Cook Our Hearts” ad campaign.

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